About Us

Manggis in Canggu is a family project that combines our passions for food, coffee and drinks. The idea for Manggis in Canggu started out a few years ago, when we were living abroad and dreaming about coming back to our home country Indonesia.

In 2018 we returned to Bali after many years in Australia and Europe, and decided to take the plunge—Manggis in Canggu opened its doors in mid-April 2019 and brings a new twist on plant based food to the ‘Gu. 

Our specialty is no-frills vegan food that combines flavors of the East and the West. We strive to offer food and drinks that are balanced in taste and respectful with the environment. We also serve specialty coffee made from locally roasted coffee beans.

Manggis in Canggu provides exceptional plant‑based foods through a variety of experiences.

Monday – Sunday
7.30am – 10.30pm

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